Sunday, March 8, 2009

In My Mailbox (III)

In My Mailbox (which is hosted by The Story Siren) is a weekly feature in which you get to find out what books I received last week :)

This week's mailbox featured...

Shadowed Summer - Saundra Mitchell
Nothing ever happened in Ondine, Louisiana, not even the summer Elijah Landry disappeared.
His mother knew he ascended to heaven, the police believed he ran away, and his girlfriend thought he was murdered.
Decades later, certain she saw his ghost in the town cemetery, fourteen-year-old Iris Rhame is determined to find out the truth behind "The Incident With the Landry Boy."
Enlisting the help of her best friend Collette, and forced to endure the company of Collette's latest crush, Ben, Iris spends a summer digging into the past and stirring old ghosts, in search of a boy she never knew.
What she doesn't realize is that in a town as small as Ondine, every secret is a family secret.

The Lucky Ones - Tohby Riddle
Set in 1980s inner-city Sydney, The Lucky Ones follows maverick teen Tom, as he tries to make sense of life after school.The novel reveals in poignant and hilarious ways the workings of a young male mind – with all its misplaced romanticism, youthful delusions, bewilderment about girls and need for adventure.

Pop Princess - Isabelle Merlin

book cover of   Pop Princess   by  Isabelle Merlin
It's a simple twist of fate that catapults Australian teenager Lucie Rees from her ordinary life in an ordinary town to a strange, exciting job in Paris as friend to ultra-famous but troubled young pop star Arizona Kingdom. But it is more than a simple twist of fate that will see Lucie entangled in mysterious happenings that soon put her in terrible danger. Who can she trust? Will the holiday of a lifetime in Paris turn into her last days on earth?

The bottom two are Australian books (in case the giant Sydney Harbour Bridge didn't give it away!) I've started reading The Lucky Ones and I'm really liking it.

What was in your mailbox this week?


  1. Oh you have some great books. Shadowed Summer sounds spooky good and it is also in my TBR pile. Pop Princess looks really cute and I have to check it out

  2. Aw, I haven't got my copy of The Lucky One's yet. :( It looks really good though. :D

  3. I got my copy but it's been a fantasy 24 hours -City of Glass and Arrival. I think I am a little read out!

    Great bunch there!

  4. OMG Pop Princess sounds AMAZING....I wishit were out in the US. ):

  5. Nice books you got this week. I'm sure you'll enjoy Shadowed Summer! :] By the way, I'm having a contest where you can win a Shadowed Summer bookmark and a surprise bookmark! Go to my blog for details!

  6. Hell there, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award over at my blog. Here's the link:

  7. Hi Lisa May you won something super neato:

    wow today is your day, two awards in a row :D

  8. I can't wait to read The Selection. Thanks a lot for the giveaway!
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  9. Oh, this sounds like such a fun read! Thanks for adding another to my TBR list...and one that could potentially be a fun read aloud for a class!
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