Thursday, May 7, 2009

Review: Pearl Versus The World by Sally Murphy

Australian children's author, Sally Murphy, is currently on a blog tour to promote her brand new book Pearl Versus The World. Written in verse, Pearl Versus The World, is about primary school student Pearl who feels very lonely at school and at home is living with her mother and her grandmother who is dying with Alzheimer's.

Pearl is a very insightful young girl with a unique voice. The book is very effective in showing the way such a young girl is feeling isolated at school and the way she deals with the loss of her grandmother. Although Pearl Versus The World is written for a younger audience than what I'd usually review here I still found it a highly enjoyable read. For me it was short and sweet but in the primary school age group it would make for a very touching and powerful read. The book is also illustrated by Heather Potter and the (watercolour I believe) illustrations are gorgeous and compliment the story wonderfully.

As well as being an author and poet (Pearl Verses the World is her twenty eighth published title!!), Sally Murphy is also a blogger and reviewer and has a myriad of websites that you can check out:

Author Site:
Writing for Children Blog:
Sally's Review Site:

Pearl Versus The World by Sally Murphy came out on May 1st so it's in Australian bookshops now. To buy it online you can go here for Fishpond or here for Dymocks :)


  1. Thanks so much for your review, Lisa, and for hosting me on my blog tour.

  2. It's Pearl Verses the World (not Versus) ... a play on words.

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