Monday, February 16, 2009

Interview With Storyheart, Author of Across The Pond

Today's author interview is with the author of Across The Pond, Storyheart. He is currently promoting Across The Pond on a virtual blog tour and has stopped by to tell us about his latest book as well as his own experiences of going 'across the pond'...

To begin with, can you tell us a bit about your latest book, Across The Pond?

They say write about what you know, and having moved myself across the pond in 2000, I was well able to relate too much of the book. Across the pond is a book of romance, humor, adventure and even a little sport.

Fred Squire is almost 15 and when his parents win a trip for two to Australia, he finds himself shipped “across the pond” to stay with family friends in America. To make matters worse he is given a school project to carry out while away, noting all differences between the English and American language. His worries are increased knowing that the people he will be staying with have a daughter about his own age.

Once he meets Brittany or Brit as she is better known as, it is soon obvious that there is a spark between Brit and her Brit. This grows as the story develops until they become what her parents call “an item”

Not counting the issues with the language that Fred runs into, Fred soon discovers that a local bully called Steve Harris has a hold on both Brit and her Friends. Taking on the role of the girls white knight it is soon obvious that Fred and Harris will eventually have a coming together.

A crazy family BBQ, a chase through a Boston Mall and a baseball worth thousands of dollars all add the Fred’s American adventure. With the blossoming love of Fred and Brit soon to end when Fred has to return to England, a final confrontation with Harris and several twists in the tail, all add to the enjoyment of Across the Pond.

While written for young adult readers it is being read and enjoyed by people of all ages from 10 to 80.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

Who can ever say they want to be an Author?
From an early age I used to write poems and tell stores, this developed into song writing and even creating a couple of short musicals for schools. Then about 2o years ago I started writing short romance stories on line, short enough to read over a cup of tea or coffee. In face some people even call them “bathroom stories” as that might be the only time you get five minutes peace and quiet to read.

Then I resided to try and write a novel. After my short stories it was really a case of learning to write all over again, building characters and events rather than a quick thirty minute dash down of a story.

However even now I don’t really count myself a writer. I’m no literary genius, I tell a story, try and paint a picture with words and make the reader feel part of the story, more of a story teller.

Can you tell us a little about your experience going 'across the pond'?

Coming across the pond myself, I am well able to relate to what Fred has to go though, even now some eight years later I run into either language or actions that are so different.
Like Fred I well remember how I felt the first time I went through a red light turning right, or went to pay a price shown for a pack of soda only to find the added cost of tax and tin return was added onto the price you see.

Bernard Shaw, I think, once said America and England are two countries divided by a single language and they certainly are.

Who is your favourite character you've created?

I would love to come out with some profound statement about a minor character that the whole story revolves around, but I can’t. So it has to be Fred. Many parts of me go to make up Fred from experience to actual events. Many readers and reviewers have stated that that the characters are believable and they find themselves cheering for Fred and Brit in their adventures. So saying that I guess I have succeeded in making Fred my hero.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Many of the now around fifty reviews that have been written in the few months since the book was produced have asked that same question. Several have noticed that here are two, even possibly a third theme that can be followed up on. The truth is I have daubed the first words onto the creative canvas that is the next book. It will be called “across the pond and back again” (now where did that idea come from *grin*) and carried on straight from where the previous book ends.

Any parting words of wisdom?

When you start writing, listen and learn. There are so many helpful people and groups out there on the web, where people are only too willing to help.
Finally, be proud of what you produce, if it’s good or bad, it’s still your work, and as such you should be proud of it. Allow people to help without thinking they are trying to make the book what it is not. Above all enjoy the ride that your book will take you along… have fun!

Check back tomorrow for my review of Across The Pond :)


  1. Lisa thank you so much for the interview I hope readers enjoy it. I check out "Look at that Book" regularly to keep up with what is going on, and to have an interview on your pages means a lot. I can't wait for the review. After all Australia is just across a bigger pond.

    Thanks again

    People can always find out more about me and the book at email me at or check for Storyheart at Amazon.

  2. Thanks for hosting Barry today, Lisa! I'm a little late getting over here, so sorry!

  3. No worries :) Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Barry!

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