Wednesday, February 4, 2009

(Almost) All of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Book Covers!!

After looking at the covers for 3 Willows, by Ann Brashares I've gone back and tried to find all the covers of the four Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books, which are about the friendships of four girls, Lena, Tibby, Bridget and Carmen who all miraculously fit into the same pair of pants.

Finding all the covers started out as a fun, seemingly manageable task that soon spiraled out of control... there are so many covers and they are all confusing and I'm not entirely sure where they are all from but I have done my best. If you know where one is from, tell me! I need to know!! :)

Honestly, I am missing some. I know this because I own books 1 and 2 and the covers I have don't even feature here. Why is google so unhelpful?! I fear the internet has failed me :(

So, the beginning, Book 1: The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (or 'Traveling' depending on where you live). From left, we have the original cover, a non-US cover, and film tie-in (above)! The cover I own is of a girl's midriff, she is wearing jeans. I like it better than these three actually, sorry there's no picture!

Book 2: The Second Summer of the Sisterhood. From left: Original (kind of boring) cover, then the cover we have here in Australia, my cover of this one is blue and has some metallic cartoon pants on it, the pants are horizontal though...

Book 3: Girls in Pants... I could only find two covers for this. Left is the cover we have in Aus, right is your typical cover. Anyone seen other cover versions for this one?

And finally, book 4: Forever in Blue. We have the typical cover, the Australian edition (which is coincidentally the first Aussie cover to not show the models stomach) in the middle and a pretty one on the right which I've never seen before until I started my googling journey. Anyone know where it's from? The last one is the fim tie-in cover.. which is highly confusing. Apparently the film takes the story from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books so they recovered the 4th book as a tie-in (thanks to inr-ainbows for clearing this up for me). Craaaazy! FOREVER IN BLUE: THE FOURTH SUMMER OF THE SISTERHOOD

I'm disappointed I couldn't complete my task! If you've got any pictures to add or know of where an edition is from tell me!!!! Phew! That was hard work :)

So... which covers are good, which covers are bad?


  1. Cool! I love how you did this! I like the American ones better because they're not as busy, but I love the "FOREVER IN BLUE" drawn cover! It's gorgeous, and I love how it reflects how each girl spent their summer! (A pot for Bee's archaeology, etc). Great feature! (:

  2. Oh! I didn't notice that the drawings showed what they all did in the summer, that's very cool :)

  3. I've only seen the originals and the movie ones. I like the other ones!

  4. The third cover you have for book two (the movie tie-in one) is actually book four.
    It's kind of confusing. The second movie is an agglomeration of books 2, 3 and 4. So when they came out with the movie tie-in cover, they put it on book four, but put the title of the movie on it, which is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2! Horrible marketing.

  5. Thankyou inr-ainbows :) That is very very confusing. I will fix that now!

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  7. The one on the bottom left (of the 4 Forever in Blue covers) is the UK version! We had a couple of different covers - I have the first one and last two in that style, and the second one in another style. Very confusing!

    (sorry - messed my first comment up).

  8. I really like the Aussie ones compared to the US ones. I especially LOVE the fourth Aussie one.

  9. prophecygirl - Thankyou!! I wish I could find the covers :(

    Kelsey - Yeah I think the Aussie ones are much more interesting than the US ones too :)

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