Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review: Knife by R J Anderson

I feel as though I've been doing a slight Knife overload (three posts in as many days!) but seriously, if you haven't gotten the message yet that Knife by R J Anderson is R-E-A-L-L-Y G-O-O-D then I will take this one last chance to let it sink in before I shut up for a while :)

Knife (or Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter as it is otherwise known) is about a group of faeries, living in a giant oak tree, the faeries have lost most of their magic and are slowly dying out. Knife, the main character, is the Queen's fearless hunter. Knife forms a friendship with a human, Paul, who is now in a wheelchair after being hit by a car and they attempt to find out why the faeries have lost their magic and how to get it back. I interviewed R J Anderson and she explains it better than I can, go read that!

The plot of Knife is what made me really love this book. At the start I had so many questions I wanted answers for and I tried to come up with answers that I thought would fit. But then just when I thought I'd gotten the surprise all figured out the plot would take another turn. It was a real adventure, never boring or predictable. Plus I loved how it wrapped up in the ending!

The character's in Knife are really interesting to read about, especially as R J Anderson has created an intricate world for the faeries full of different customs and mannerisms. There's really something for everyone in Knife, well it's about faeries so there's obviously fantasy, there's romance, intrigue, mystery, adventure... I didn't want to put it down!

All up, I rate Knife 4/5 stars and say go grab a copy!

You can read my interview with R J Anderson here and also read my post about books with fairies here :)

And for anyone who's interested in cover art, the image on the cover is by Brian Froud. I googled him and he's got quite an interesting website if you're into that kind of thing. Similarly, the cover artist, Melanie Delon, for the US version has an equally interesting site, you can see pictures of it in my previous posts.


  1. im reading knife in class and im so gripped!

  2. Oh, this sounds like such a fun read! Thanks for adding another to my TBR list...and one that could potentially be a fun read aloud for a class!
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  3. I have read this book and it is outstandingly good. I would recommend it.