Friday, January 30, 2009

I Can't Believe I Didn't Know This!

As regular readers will no doubt know, I'm a big big fan of Sonya Hartnett. Yet somehow I completed missed the part where she has a new book coming out.. IN TWO DAYS!!

Like what?! How could I not know this?! I am crazy. I live under a rock. But I do know now, so all is well.

The book is called Butterfly and is being released on Feb 2 in Australia (but later in other countries).

From the Penguin website:

Here is Plum Coyle, on the threshold of adolescence, striving to be new. Her fourteenth birthday is approaching: her old life and her old body will fall away, and she will become graceful, powerful, at ease. The strength in the objects she stores in a briefcase under her bed - a crystal lamb, a yoyo, an antique watch, a penny - will make sure of it.

Over the next couple of weeks, Plum's life will change. Her beautiful neighbour Maureen will begin to show her how she might fly. The older brothers she adores - the charismatic Justin, the enigmatic Cydar - will court catastrophe in worlds that she barely knows exist. And her friends - her worst enemies - will tease and test, smelling weakness. They will try to lead her on and take her down.

Who ever forgets what happens when you're fourteen?

Butterfly is a gripping, disquieting, beautifully observed novel that confirms Hartnett as one of Australia's finest writers.

Did you know this? Why didn't you tell me!

EDIT: I actually can't find the book on it's on though!


  1. Man, I feel really bad right now. I got the book two days ago and just assumed you knew about it. I can remember thinking that it was weird that you hadn't mentioned it.

    And no, I haven't read it. The Read Carpet just happened to me!

  2. What works would you recommend starting with? Butterfly won't be out in the US for a while

  3. Adele, I have questions for you so I am just going to send you an email! :)

    Marie my favourite Sonya Hartnett book is The Ghost's Child so I would start there. But all her books are remarkably different. They're all incredibly well written but the stories are so different you probably wouldn't associate them as the same author if you didn't already know.

  4. Ohh, I really want to read her novels. And you're making me want to read them even more! :D Which is your favourite by her?

  5. I feel kind of ridiculous calling 'Just Listen' - what is your name?! Anyway, I think we actually posted comments at the exact same time lol.

    Anyway, my favourite Sonya Hartnett book would have to be The Ghost's Child. Though I love all of them that I have read and there are still a lot that I haven't read yet!

  6. I am waiting for the email hoping you aren't going to yell at me!

  7. I know how you feel right now. I'm a huge fan of Kanye West and I didn't know he was coming out with a new cd till like two weeks? before it came out. I made a post about it too.. lol

  8. I'm sure I posted another comment on here.. didn't it work?

  9. Well, that one worked.

    What I was saying was that Adele I emailed you.. did it go through??

  10. I don't think it did because I had not seen hide nor hair of it. I'll check my spam.

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