Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interview with Aussie Charlotte McConaghy (Part 3)

It's Charlotte McConaghy week over at the Aussie YA Alliance so Adele, Allie and myself conducted somewhat of a SUPER interview with Charlotte. So super that it had to be divided up into parts or else you would be scrolling downwards forever. I got the lovely part 3, so if you want to read what comes before this, and to continue reading all the way to part four, the links are at the bottom of the post...

Your debut book is Arrival. Is it just Australian distribution at this point?

Yes, at the moment, but Black Dog Publishers also do international publishing and translations into other languages, so I guess if it does well, we might be looking at other countries...

Is Arrival going to be the first part of a trilogy?

That's what it has always been in my mind. Although I guess now that it's called a series, it could be opened up to the possibility of more.

So you haven't planned out how it's all going to end then?

I do have an ending, actually. I've written it. But things can always get changed. I tend to write and rewrite a lot.

As I get older, my style changes subtly.

I find myself wanting to explore different things.

What kind of music were you listening to while writing Arrival? Is there a playlist?

There was definitely music involved, I love listening while I write, it helps with the mood, but it was so many years ago now that I can't really remember what I was into at the time! Sorry.

Cover of Arrival

Where did the Anna/cancer plot come from?

Umm... I was just thinking about all the kids who have serious stuff going on in their lives like illness, and I wanted to include something like that to bring a bit of realism to the story. Perhaps so that people can relate to it, where everything else is so fantastical?

If Arrival was made into a movie, who would you cast as the leads?

That is the hardest possible question in the world!!! They all have to be young, just teenagers.

What authors do you really enjoy reading?

I love Isobelle Carmody, Melina Marchetta, Guy Gavriel Kay

Of course... Stephanie Meyer, lol, but who doesn't? I just love Edward!

Back to Melina Marchetta... I LOVE on the Jellicoe Road. And the new Finnikin book.

Were you consulted with the look of the book?

No, actually, but I love it. The original cover was very different, it was a drawing of Jane and Fern, but this cover is far more striking and mysterious I think.

Want to put all of this in context? Then you should check out the rest of it...
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Interested in Arrival? You can buy it online here at Dymocks.


  1. great interview. the book sounds captivating. I'm still looking for the YA book that hooks me into the genre. I'll have to try it.

  2. hi my name is Kersten Fitzpatrick, I love reading I read so many books I really like this book arrival

  3. love,love,loved this book. its funny,witty adventures and romantic. for any1 who hasent read it GO ANG GET IT,NOW!!!!!

    p.s. i'm team Edward 4eva

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